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 “The Path to Self-Build Success” is a 12 module online course, designed to take you through all the steps to realise your dream of building your own home within budget and on time!  You can log in to your Kartra dashboard and complete the modules and workbooks when it suits your schedule.  Weekly coaching calls as well as a closed Facebook group for questions, sharing knowledge & networking.  Bonus events & webinars featuring professionals & organisations who can all help with the build process as well, one day events - for the moment this event will be free and online. For specific support Mike Cruickshank offers consultancy services, up to 1 hour is included with your course.  


Module 1


Course Content - a summary of the 12 modules ; About Mike Cruickshank; Self-Build facts & Definitions; an overview post Covid-19



Module 2

First Steps

How to find and assess a plot of land; How to assess it’s true value; An introduction to Right to Build legislation; Why self-build is a great option.


Module 3

Self-Build Finance and Insurance 

An overview of the different ways to finance your build, including in-depth current post Covid-19 information from BuildStore, the leading finance house for self-build.


Module 4

Budgeting & Costing​

Formulating an accurate budget is absolutely critical, we cover a step-by-step process to help you bring your build to fruition within budget.





Module 5a

Which Construction Method? 

An in-depth look at two construction methods: Traditional Brick and Block & Timber Frame; the advantages and disadvantages; how to use them correctly.



Module 5b

Which Construction Method? 

Examining the pros and cons of 2 further popular methods of construction: Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) & Insulated Concrete Framework (ICF)


Module 6

Think Fabric First

How to minimise impact on the environment by using the correct materials for Floors, Walls, Roof, Windows & minimising Draughts; Lowering heat loss and air permeability.

Module 7

House Design

The 3 different ways of getting a house designed: Architects; Package Build companies; Doing it Yourself. Whichever method you use, you can build in all the features and design you want.




Module 8

Planning Permission & Building Regulation Approval ​

It is well worth it to have an understanding of how the planning process works & how to navigate the process to get your Planning Approval & Building Regulation Approval and Completion Certificate.

Module 9a

Different Approaches to

Your responsibilities & the pros and cons of each of the 4 routes: in this module we look at Self Managing the build versus using a Project Manager.


Module 9b

Different Approaches to

In this module we will cover the advantages & disadvantages of using either a Main Contractor or the alternative - using a Package Company.

Module 10

Contracts, Warranties, HSE,

How to draw up a Contract with builders & tradesmen you employ; a Warranty covering your newly built house for 10 years; your responsibilities under Health & Safety Regulation; the benefits of VAT reclaim; making sure Capital gains Tax does not apply if you decide to sell.

About Mike Cruickshank


Hello and Welcome! I am delighted that you are looking into self-building your own home.  I am passionate about Self-Build and have helped literally thousands of self-builder’s in the UK and beyond achieve their dream of building their own home.  I have personally built homes on two occasions, once in Aberdeen in 1991 and again in Donegal, Republic Of Ireland in 2008.  Each time the sense of achievement and fulfillment far outweighed the considerable financial benefits of self-building.  
I am now committed to helping others achieve their dream of building their own home.  I am grateful to be regarded by my peers as one of the UK’s leading experts on Self-Build.  

With the government's target of 20,000 self-built or custom-built homes per year by 2020, steps are being taken to remove some of the hurdles faced by would-be house builders.  Sharing my 48 years experience and passion for self-building is the best way for me to help others and make a meaningful contribution to home-building in the UK.  read more...



The Path to Self Build Success is a comprehensive guide to building your own house. From the many ways to find a plot, through to claiming back your tax it gives you a step by step guide. Most valuable though is the access to its author - Mike Cruikshank. With his years in the industry and experience doing it himself - you can have a helping hand and guide through your own build journey. Avoiding common pitfalls and expensive mistakes could easily pay for the course many times over! Many thanks Mike!




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